Monday, June 29, 2009


Ruby's been boycotting her milk the past couple of days. I don't know why.

She's been on formula for two weeks now without incident, so I don't think it's the switch from breastmilk. She whines a lot and gives me signals like she's hungry (she even recently started signing "milk" although she doesn't quite have it totally figured out yet), but then when presented with a bottle she gags on it and gives me a dirty look - even before the milk hits her tongue. Sometimes she'll drink a half bottle and then be done with the whole thing.

She's been getting better at eating solids - she LOVES carrots, and is starting to enjoy bananas mixed in with her rice cereal in the morning. As long as the food is fairly thin, and warm - she's willing to give it a shot.

I knew that eating solids would change her milk schedule - I expected that. But I didn't expect it to get so erratic. And for her to be so fussy and fickle about her bottles.

I try not to worry too much about it. I figure she knows what she wants and I'm just her slave, to present her with whatever I think she wants and hope for the best. (There has been a lot of formula dumped down my sink lately).

Admittedly, it bothers me that I seem to be misreading her ques lately though. I had gotten pretty darn good at knowing what she wants. I know when she wants milk, when she wants naps, when she wants extra attention, when she wants to chill out. But lately it seems all mixed up and I'm not getting it. It frustrates me. I have a neurotic need to be good (or better yet, perfect) at everything I do - so I hate that I seem to be misunderstanding her right now.

I know this probably wasn't the right thing to do - but after she refused a bottle today but was still acting hungry - I put her in her highchair and gave her her first Mum-mum. When all else fails, cookies are the answer - are they not? They are in my world...


Emily said...

Cookies are always the answer. I think it will be thw same in Ruby's world too!

Just Jen said...

Maybe the teeth will show up soon?

Sounds alot like how it was here a couple of weeks ago... he is finally eating well again after a brief hiatus and a new tooth!

Watermelon in the mesh feeder and mum-mum/arrowroot cookies were also a hit when all else failed.

noswimmers said...

LOL, I love her cute little face! She's like "oh yeah, Mom...this is what I want!"

Hang in there.

Mommy Shoes said...

It could very well be the teeth. Zachary did this for about 10 days, but is now back to his ravenous eating.

Alicia said...

I was going to suggest teething, too. She's lovin' that cookie!