Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Short hair, Canada Day

Today I got my hair cut - short.

Also, today was Canada Day and Ruby celebrated:


annacyclopedia said...

I LOVE the hair. Strangely, I'm getting my hair cut today and am thinking of a very similar style. It looks so great on you, Tara!

And of course Ruby just looks like a total sweetheart all decked out in her red and white! I can't believe how big she looks!

noswimmers said...

Oooh, VERY cute hair. Love it!

Also, Miss Ruby is cute as always. She should be little Miss Canada or something. :) Honestly, she should be a baby model. Those expressions are priceless!

Hopeful Mother said...

You guys both look fab!

Emily said...

Your hair looks really good! And Ruby.... well to be honest, she is quite the pretty little girl! You'd better watch out for those little boys soon!

Emily said...

I so don't know who is cuter!!! You so rock the short hair!

Alicia said...

Ruby really knows how to celebrate! She's so stinkin' cute.

And I love your hair. Short hair is so very liberating, and more importantly, EASY. It looks awesome on you. I got mine trimmed yesterday, and there are now some pieces in the back that are only about 2 inches long. I almost freaked, but it looks OK.

eden said...

Ummm, Tara?

The pic of your hair = awesome.

Pics of Ruby = adorable.

But the PIC OF YOUR SLEEVE??!!!!

WTF I just totally fell in love with you and I'm not even gay. All I have is one pissy butterfly on my arm - I don't have the balls to get tatts like that.

You rock.

sara said...

Holy crap you look awesome! Seriously. YOu have me wanting to go chop my hair. Beautiful baby pictures mama like daughter!

Anonymous said...

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