Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bullets, because that's easiest

* Quincy's gone to her new home. We took her to my inlaws last Thursday. (Have I mentioned that they live an hour away?). When we left she didn't follow us to the door like she normally would. It was like she knew she was staying.

* My MIL has been sending me regular email updates on Quincy. Everyone is doing great! She commented on how well behaved Quincy is, which is a compliment to me. They are getting out and taking her all kinds of places. She's met the neighbors and neighbor's dogs and she played nice with them. She's fallen into a little routine already too. It makes me feel so good to know that it's going this well already.

* Ruby fell off my bed on Saturday. My bed is the only place that Ruby has really good long naps. I laid her down on Saturday when she was super fussy and blockaded her in with pillows. I watched her until she nodded off and then I left the room. About 2 minutes later I heard a THUMP. And then screaming. I rushed in with my heart in my throat to find her on the floor with a huge goose egg on her forehead. She's fine but it did a number on both of us. She wasn't herself all day, and neither was I.

* After Steve got off work on Saturday we drove 3 hours to meet up with my BIL and his girlfriend, to camp... Fuck, why do I do this to myself? Camping with a bunch of people who have never had kids, who drink too much, and me with my 7.5 month old baby - is just NOT FUN for me! It's not relaxing, it's not enjoyable. I can't (nor do I want to) drink like they do - especially while caring for Ruby (who happened to be cranky). I am always on guard and tense about everything going on around me. I worry about Ruby and keeping her safe and comfortable and not cranky. And then of course I seem like a wet blanket. It really and truly sucks ass. After this last trip I vow to never pretend to want to do it again in the name of trying to be a "fun" person - I'm fun enough in other areas of life, catch me in one of my other departments.

* And wouldn't you know it, Ruby cut her first tooth while we were camping. I'm happy that one finally came through (she's been cranky and suffering the past month or more), but what bad timing for it to happen on the camping trip. Gaaaahhhhd!

* We are currently in a major heat wave with no end in sight. I don't do well with the heat. It's so gross and I just feel disgusting and miserable. Ruby seems to take after me in this department as she's SUPER cranky and whiny. Or is that from the teething? Or is it a combo? She's been wearing nothing but a diaper since we got home from camping but still she's always soaking wet from sweat and she's developing a heat rash. The only room in our house that has A/C is our bedroom so I try to spend a bunch of time with her in there every day to try to keep cool. But there's only so much to do in a 12x14 room. Lord help us.

* Here's a picture of Ruby fishing with her Dad on our camping trip... I got a few good pictures so I guess it couldn't have been all bad:


Spacey said...

Awwww! The pic is adorable! :)
I hope the heat wave lessens a bit so you can enjoy more things with Ruby.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

That picture seems worth it all to me.

I'm glad Quiincy is doing well. I know that makes you feel better about the choice you made.

chicklet said...

Nicely done on the photo - seriously, it's awesome! Shows how little she is, shows her looking up at dad - I love it.