Friday, July 10, 2009


After a small disagreement last night...

Steve: Are you gonna go and blog about our argument now?

Tara: Do you have $110??

Steve: What!? No! What for?

Tara: For a therapy session with my counselor.

Steve: No, I don't.

Tara: Then yes, I will be blogging about our argument.

...of course now I don't remember what the disagreement was even about (which means it was unimportant) and I think I've aired out the dirty laundry enough lately anyways.


noswimmers said...

Oooh...ouch. My hubby does that too - "you gonna go blog about that now??". Ugh, major pain in the ass.

LOVE the comeback, I'll have to remember that. :)

Just Jen said...

EXACTLY what Andy said the other night when he knew he screwed up!

Aurelia said...

Hehe, missed a few posts and am catching up.

A) They always say Dada first. B)Your MIL would make me insane, he's going to have to talk to her. Next time, make sure she knows it was her son's beer.
C)Steve is gonna have to change his lifestyle. Best part will happen as she gets older and he has to pay attention, because she has commandeered the TV and it has "In the night garden" playing. And she screams her head off if Dad changes the channel.

Even better? When she crawls into your bed in the morning after he's been out partying and she jumps on his head and yells "Daddy get me breakfast!" Or a few years down the road when she has early morning sports practice and he has to drive her.

There comes a point where they are extremely attached to mommy and then to daddy. Like glue. He may change then, because she won't give him a choice. Now she might get into watching sports, BUT, that won't happen for a while.

Take care hon.