Thursday, July 9, 2009

Three beautiful words

Last night turned out to be the "Battle Royale" here at my house. I couldn't take it any longer. I needed to get this shit settled and figure out what needs to be done for some improvements to happen. I refuse to be continually disregarded and disrespected.

Things got fairly ugly before they started to get better but they did eventually get better. I think the clincher (which I must say I am mighty proud of) was when we were laying in bed and Ruby was laying between us and he was telling me how beautiful she is and I said, "Remember how hard we worked to get her? How badly we wanted to have a family? Well don't you think that we should work a little harder at being a family and loving each other and respecting each other now that she's here? Shouldn't we act like the family that we always wanted to be and almost weren't?"

He said, yes.

Then after a little more talking he said the three words that I have been longing to hear. The three words that every woman wants her husband to say to her. I wish I had recorded him saying the three beautiful words so I could listen to their magic over and over again...

He said, "I was wrong."


It brings a tear to my eye. I will be hearing those words in my dreams.


Sandra said...

Hi Tara!
Before you get too excited about my husband giving seminars, I can tell you that he's not that out of control . . . you'll have to find a seminar leader somewhere else. Sorry!
Good news about your three beautiful words!

annacyclopedia said...

Ha ha HA! That is awesome - I'm so glad you two are working your way through this together as a family, and extra glad he could give you the gift of a lifetime!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Love it! It does take a lot to admit when you are wrong and he really stepped up!

noswimmers said...

WOAH...something with junk between his legs actually said those words?? You are a miracle worker, my dear!

Glad things are improving.

Just Jen said...

Brings a tear to MY eyes! Nice work.

Alicia said...

The second I saw the title to the post, I KNEW those were the 3 words. Why? Because those are the REAL 3 words every woman wants to hear:)