Saturday, June 20, 2009

She made other plans

We're doing a family BBQ this afternoon/evening for Fathers Day. My parents were coming out to visit Ruby anyways so I figured we might as well invite my brother and his little family and call it Fathers Day. That way Steve and I can do our own thing tomorrow with a clear conscience.

This morning, I talked Steve into walking to work so that I would have the car to run errands. I planned on getting Ruby up, feeding her, giving her a bath, getting her dressed, heading out to the mall (to take advantage of a sale at Old Navy), pick up some grub for the BBQ and then be home and be ready for everyone to get here by about noon or 1pm, at the latest.

However. It's now 11:19am and Ruby hasn't had a bath and we haven't left the house because Ruby apparently made other plans for today:

So I'm just trying to roll with it. I wasn't sure what we'd have for dinner anyways so now I have time to browse my cookbooks...


noswimmers said...

OMG that is just the cutest thing EVER! Was Ruby hittin' the "bottle" too hard?? ;)

Julia said...

She looks so peaceful.

Happy Fathers day Steve.