Friday, May 15, 2009

Eating, teething, rolling

I mentioned a few posts back that I had tried Ruby on rice cereal and that it caused her a rash so I stopped. Well, it turns out it wasn't the rice cereal causing the rash! It was this different soap that I tried on her. I didn't put it all together until the rice cereal was stopped and the rash was gone and I tried the soap again and she broke out really bad. So we're going back to the rice cereal soon, because she liked it. But first I want/need to buy a highchair, so I'm currently researching and polling people about good highchairs. Anyone have one that they *love*?

Ruby is yet to sprout any actual teeth, but oh my is she ever teething. The drool, the red cheeks, the extra puke, the ear pulling, the mouth fisting, and the baaaaaad mood... All pretty good indicators that some teeth are on the way. When they'll actually show up is anybody's guess.

Yesterday she rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time. I made her do it 3 times in a row to make sure it wasn't a fluke. I was so proud that I was bursting with tears, which I realize is kind of silly but whatever. It's the small things.


Emily said...

OMG she's so adorable! xoxo

Alicia said...

Yay, Ruby!

Mommy Shoes said...

We are currently using a feeding chair that connects to a regular chair (by the first years) and love it but will probably be graduating soon to the high chair. I have the Graco Contempo one and like it because it folds down so thin.

way to go on the rolling!

Just Jen said...

Oh.... what a big girl!!! Yay!!!!

We have a Graco Contempo highchair as well. It's affordable and agree that it folds up quite compact (which I love b/c we don't have alot of space.) They have quite a few different patterns to choose from, and appear to be quite comfortable. My sister went with some fancypants EddieBauer wood one and she hates it-- she told me it is very hard to keep clean.

Happy shopping!