Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Bullets

* Last night Ruby ate 9oz within 2 hours. I thought maybe she was storing up for sleep time but then she did it again this morning, 4.5oz twice within 2 hours. Is this a growing spurt?

* I had started her on rice cereal a few weeks ago and she loved it. But then she got a rash on her tummy and a couple of spots of eczema on her head. I stopped giving her the cereal and the rash and eczema went away.

* This past week has been a write off as far as exercise goes - I've gotten very little. And my diet hasn't been as good as I would have liked either. But it was my birthday so I guess it's ok - I just feel crappy about it. And I suppose I should expect a smaller weight loss this week. (I weigh myself on Wednesdays).

* My tattoo artist opened up a brand spanking new shop and I was his first customer. I've had a few appointments since and am working on getting my sleeve finally finished. I have another appointment this evening and I'm looking forward to it.

* My mom seems to have come around in regards to my tattoos. She bought me this awesome (and expensive), hypo allergenic, non-scented cream for my birthday and said that she thought it would be nice to put on my tattoo while it's healing. A tattoo peace offering?

* Been struggling a bit in the mood department the past few days. I have a few things gnawing at me (that probably shouldn't bother me), hope I can resolve this and feel good again soon.

* Got my hair cut short and I totally love it.

* A friend recently announced she's pregnant with child #2. It made me feel that jealously and sadness again that comes along with IF. It's been while since I've felt that and I don't like it much.

* I was disappointed in the lack of effort Steve put out for my birthday. Can't help but feel slighted that he didn't treat me special. He did give me some cash for a couple of hours on my tattoo (which I totally appreciate) but he direct deposited it to my account the day after my birthday - not so special feeling.

* I'm already preparing myself to not get my hopes up for anything special from him for Mother's Day. Even though I think I really deserve something special after all that I've been through in the past year and all that I do on a daily basis. He just doesn't seem to be able to think of doing something special for me - but he's already talking about Father's Day.

* My close friend's dad passed away this weekend. His funeral is Friday morning at 10:30am and I know she would like me to be there. I just don't know what to do about Ruby. I don't think it's appropriate to bring her to a funeral. Steve and my mom both have to work that day and I don't have anyone to leave her with. I don't know what to do.

* Ruby's now been napping for one whole hour. This is a LONG nap since she's usually a 30 minute napper, maybe it's all that milk she's been slamming back in the past 24 hours?


Emily said...

* I hope you feel better soon. I've very sorry you're feeling this way.

* Good on your mom!

* Ruby must be having a growth spurt

* Men are ASSHATS and must be TAUGHT

* I hope you can find someone for Friday

Femme au Foyer said...

Agreed on the growth spurt and that men must be taught. Speaking of which, here's how my most recent conversation on the topic of Mother's Day went with Husband (who, incidentally, completely blew it off last year):

"Honey, Mother's Day is on Sunday. What are you going to do about it?"

"We're going to celebrate it when we get to Florida that day."

"But you won't have a present for me!" (spoken tearfully)

"Yes, I will."


I didn't think he would actually pack a present for an 800-mile road trip, but now he has no choice! ;)

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Sounds like someone is having a growth spurt.

Men sometimes suck with the gift giving. My husband either goes overboard or severely sucks. There is no even ground with his gift giving skills. Last week I reminded him that it was Mother's Day this weekend and that the cell phone I've been wanting was on sale. He didn't get that I was telling him to get it for me and told me that I should go after work and get it.

Emily said...

Men can be very bad at gifts. Husbando is very good at random presents and sort of gets confused with birthdays. I'm working on patenting a training program!

Def sound like Miss Ruby is growing like crazy!