Sunday, September 27, 2009

Runner's High

After a long, shitty week I woke up this morning and shuffled the songs on my ipod and went out for a kickass jog. The sun was shining but the air was cool and brisk. The music in my ears was loud and upbeat (and a little raucous). Everyone I passed on the street smiled and said "good morning" (my music was loud but I can read lips). I was out all on my own, doing something for myself. I only had to concern myself with moving and pushing my body. I went further and faster than I have in some time.

And now I have a kickass runner's high.


Candi said...


Emily said...

Good! Hope October treats you better, and you get more good runs in.

Damn this hot weather. I'm sick of it. Bring on the rain, wind, and falling leaves. Bring it on!

nancy said...

The runner's high RULES. I've recently started hitting the gym hard and I love love love the feeling I have afterwards. :) Good job momma!

Spacey said...

Runner's highs are awesome. Good job!