Thursday, September 24, 2009

All I wanted was a cup of coffee

I'm not a regular coffee drinker. But today I was thinking I would like a cup. I have little mini-filters for such occasions. As my water was boiling in the pot, I frantically searched but could not find them.

So I broke down into tears - which is a tad bit of an overreaction, wouldn't you say?

This week seems particularly long. Steve usually has Mondays off (he works Tues-Sat) but this week he had to work Monday and is working 6 days in a row. He's also working 5:30am - 5:30pm which is 3 hours longer than usual.

Firstly - we share a vehicle. Usually he comes home on his lunch around noon and has lunch with Ruby and I and then we drive him back to work and have the vehicle for the afternoon. Except this week he isn't getting his lunch break and can't come home at all. I'm trapped in my home without a vehicle, for 6 long days. Also, I apparently really needed that 45 minute visit to break up the day, because I am missing it this week. Why else does the day seem sooooo long.

When Steve gets home from these long busy days at work - he's totally disconnected. He can't shut work off and it's all he can talk about. I mentioned to him yesterday that I had a headache and he looked at me for a second and then carried on with talking about how many loads of lumber he shipped out and how one of his yard workers broke his finger. So much for me, lets get back to you, shall we? When we go to bed at night I feel like I'm sharing my bed with a roommate. I tried to snuggle up to his back last night and he farted.

I had been running in the morning before he went to work but with him starting at 5:30am, I can't run unless I want to do it at 4am (I don't). I've been getting out and walking everyday but the weather has been hot and I am a sweaty, tired mess when I get home. I tried running when he got home from work but again, the warmth of the evening was too much and made me feel miserable.

Ruby and I have walked to the grocery store, Walmart, the veggie market, the pharmacy and have also walked around the neighborhood many, many times. My hips were actually aching last night from so much walking/pushing the stroller. I've also mowed and raked the lawn and cleaned like a motherfucker. I'm running out of shit to keep myself occupied with! There's only so much laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting that a person can do before they get a little stir-crazy.

And could Ruby be any more whiny? Would those teeth break through already please!!!!?

It also seems to be particularly difficult not to eat "recreationally".

It's only a week and the overtime $$$ is much needed.

Just.... where the hell are my coffee filters!!?


Lisa RM said...

I know that feeling. I hope you find the coffee filters.

Lynn said...

So sorry it has been an irritating, seemingly-never-ending week for you! I hope it gets better soon and you find those coffee filters!

annacyclopedia said...

Just being my usual, mushy self and affirming that you are doing the hardest job ever, and your week does indeed sound especially rough. Hope you find the coffee filters pronto - if not, perhaps out of all that OT $$ you can indulge yourself in a trip to the nearest Starbu.cks?

edenland said...

Oh, no coffee filters. In all seriousness, I am sorry for your loss. I remember last year, when Dave was in chemo, Rocco was a nightmare .... and our coffee machine broke. BROKE.

I tweeted: "My coffee machine just broke. There is no God, repeat - no God exists."

And everything you just wrote, so so so true. Staying at home is HARD. Writing about it is HARD, because you don't want to piss people off. Sometimes I envy Dave, going to work every day. Even though he's stressed. AND he farts on me too, I hate it so much but he laughs. One day I will take a crap on his face.


Lavender Luz said...

Did you find the filters? That would throw me, too.

I agree with what's been said. It IS hard to stay home. Especially without a good cup of coffee.

Hope tomorrow's better.

FET Accompli said...

Argh! I'd be TOTALLY frustrated if I couldn't find those coffee filters!!

Jaymee said...

yeah, the crying over the coffee filters sounds like a totally appropriate reaction with all that you are going though. i am really suprised you are not crying over dust bunnies. i know i would be. hope things get back to normal very soon.


Kari said...

Hope you found the coffee filters.


Chelle said...

That is rough. For all of you. I hope you found the filters and that at least today got a little bit better. Hang in there.

April said...

It sounds like you've had a rough week. I really hope you found the coffee filters.