Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ever have one of those days?

Yesterday was not one of our better days. Ruby was in a... mood. She was not into napping. Not into eating. Not into being nice. She was whiny and cranky and hard to please. It is these days that kill me. I cannot stand the sound of the whining. It makes me crazy. Literally.

She wouldn't nap so I had to take a shower while she was awake. In the 5 minutes that it took me to shower, she managed to unravel the toilet paper roll all over the floor and then pull back the shower curtain to get the floor and toilet paper all wet and soggy.

Also I'm dealing with getting our new tenants settled in. I'm not used to the extra noises in my house and am completely on edge. Plus they don't have a phone set up yet so they've been upstairs asking to borrow my phone to call the phone company.

Also my brother bought Steve's old car that we had sitting the driveway. Yesterday was the day he and his fiance came to pick it up. So there were issues around the insurance, transferring the ownership to him, yadda yadda yadda.

Yesterday was also the day I decided that I wanted needed a blackberry. I spent a good chunk of the morning on the phone with the phone company (Telus) trying to figure out the best plan, etc. (While juggling Ruby to keep her happy) Then I was to go to the Telus store in the afternoon to pick out and activate the new blackberry.

This is where it gets good.

I go to the Telus store with Ruby. I get there and plop her in her little stroller and head inside. I didn't bother to strap her in because I didn't think we'd be there long and it's a pain in the ass. (see where this is going?) But it turns out I was there longer than planned. Ruby was a little crank pot the whole time. Any toy I gave her to appease her was flung across the store. I was getting flustered trying to set up a new plan, pick out the right phone/blackberry, and then get it set up all while rocking the stroller, making goofy faces and sounds, and chasing after flung toys in the store.

I was almost in the home stretch and was just learning how to set it up to check my emails and I was not looking at Ruby in the stroller because, thankfully she was finally settled down and quiet.

And then I heard the SMACK and then the screeeeeeeaming. I turn to see my daughter sprawled on her back on the (tiled) floor of the Telus store. AND the place was busy. EVERYBODY turned to see me pick the screaming baby up off the floor.

The little shit had decided she didn't feel like being in the stroller anymore and squirmed out from between the seat and the tray. Not a big space but she managed. And then she flipped out onto the floor, banging her head.

Now, we have hardwood floors at home and Ruby is learning to crawl/pull-up/walk right now so let's just say that I've learned to distinguish the different degrees of crying to assess how bad the fall is.

This one wasn't the worst she'd experienced and I knew she would be fine.

But fuck if I didn't feel (and look) like an idiot.

Luckily some lady started making faces and talking to her so she calmed down enough so that I could finish what I was doing and hightail it out of there.

I then drove to pick Steve up from work. He wasn't ready yet so I sat in the back seat trying to entertain Ms. Grumpy Pants. The sun started shining in her eyes and it pissed her off so I held up my arm to block the sun. Damn if she didn't take her little E.T. finger and put it to my freshly tattooed wrist and DIG HER CLAWS into my scabbed arm. YOWCH!

Poor Steve was all excited about the new blackberry on the drive home and kept asking questions. Finally I said, "Could you just please not talk to me right now? I don't want to talk or listen to anybody's noise right now." Which set the tone for an edgy evening.

Later in the evening I happened to look in Ruby's mouth and what did I find there? I'll be damned if one of her top teeth hasn't finally, FINALLY cut through her gums.

Out comes the liquid baby Tempra.

Out comes the wine.

Both seemed to do a fine job of at least temporarily fixing some of our problems, sending Ruby into sleepy land and sending me into happy, warm buzz, relax on the couch land and later to sleepy land myself.

Today's to-do list:
Go to Pharmacy - need more Tempra.
Stop at liquor store on the way - need more wine!
(Also, learn to use this damn Blackberry!)


Candi said...

oh dear. i'm so sorry tara! hope today is better! enjoy your wine.

serenity said...

That IS a day. And I'll tell ya: I've self-medicated with wine a LOT since we hit the toddler-whining stage too. So you're not alone.

Hope today is better. :)


Cece said...

See! That is the exact same week I had last week! I totally missed the damn teeth too. And - I don't get to medicate with wine.


annacyclopedia said...

Tempra, wine, and a Blackberry. That should be enough to stave off another crap day for a while yet. At least I'm hoping it is so. Hang in there!