Sunday, January 18, 2009

Two questions and red striped socks - Updated

Ruby hasn't pooped for over 24 hours. Does anyone know anything about this? I've heard that this can be totally normal but I'm still a little concerned and wonder what I should do.


I'm looking for something that I can use to warm bottles while I'm on the go. I went to BRU yesterday but they have nothing like that. My mom said that back in the day when they used to drive from BC to Ontario they had this warmer thingy that they plugged into the cigarette lighter and it warmed up coffee, tea or... bottles - but I've not seen anything like that. Does anyone know where I could get such a thing - or does anyone have any other suggestions?


Here's a picture of Ruby in her funky red striped socks:


Because I know you were all wondering - Ruby pooped. A lot. And it was all good. And I researched online and got a few comments and now I know that this is normal.

The next thing I have to worry about now is this rash she has. It started out as baby acne but it seems to be covering quite a bit of surface area now. Down her neck, back of her ears, little bit on her chest and back and I think there might be some on her diaper parts. Is THIS normal? I suppose it probably is but you know, I worry. And I'm a rookie so I don't know what's normal yet.

As for the bottle warmer, I've found a few online (none in the local BRU). None of them get great reviews though - mostly because they take about 20 minutes to heat a bottle, but I think I'm ok with that because I pretty much know when she is going to want to eat and I could plan ahead. As long as it would KEEP the bottle at the right temp for about an hour or so. (Going to check out the one you suggested, Candi - thanks).


Candi B. said...

The pooping is TOTALLY normal. When I was BFing Carter, he went 3 days without pooping. I took him to the doctors and everything...they said as long as the poop isn't hard when he finally does go, then its totally ok. I have a car bottle warmer. I got it at BRU...its made by Munchkin. If you go to my blog, I have "My Baby Essentials" and you can click on the link.

Aurelia said...

The pooping is very very normal. My kids went weeks without pooping, the issue is consistency and texture, not volume.

If she is happy and peeing and gaining weight, then that's fine.

I'm sorry I haven't been commenting as much but I was having trouble getting your feed and you don't send emails out anymore, so I was kind of SOL and kept forgetting to manually check. Anyway, I finally got you on my bloglines, so I'll be commenting more!

And I'm twitter!

Except I'm too stupid to use it. Sigh....not a techie here.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend that uses a wide mouth thermos... keeps boiling hot water in it in the diaper bag during outings. When she has to warm up Amelia's bottle she just pulls it out... drops it in. Seems to work well for her?

Candi B. said...

The rash...been there, done that...totally normal!