Friday, January 23, 2009

Bulleted update

~ I discovered that if I crank the music while Ruby is in her swing, she totally digs it. She will swing and chill out for an hour or two and I can get some shit done - which makes me feel oh so much better at the end of the day. She seems to like the rockier stuff and wakes up mad when the softer music comes on. She particularly liked Guns 'n' Roses yesterday.

~ I also tried her out with an activity mat - the one with the dangly stuff over her head. She really likes it! She talks to it and smashes the toys around and smiles lots. She gets tired or pissed off at it after about 15-20 minutes though.

~ She is still eating about every 3 hours. Sometimes 4 hours during the night. I so look forward to longer stretches between feeds. Not sure how to accomplish this.

~ Steve has started taking one of the feeds in the night. Halle-fucking-lu-ya! This practice started out very rocky and I almost gave up and did it myself. But I persevered and now it's getting much better. This provides me with a little longer stretch of sleep in the night. Except I wake up with rock hard and wet leaky boobs. I need one of those night time bras that the maternity stores all push.

~ I got my hair cut last night. Oh my god, I so needed it. I was started to get a little depressed about how I look. Now at least my hair is cute and shorter (also easier to manage).

~ Now if I could just get something done about this mommy tummy and my wardrobe. All my maternity clothes are way too big for me but my "fat" clothes are still too tight. I really don't want to spend money on new clothes right now because my body is still changing. It sucks because I've started getting out and about now (yeah!) and people want to take pictures of me and Ruby. Then when I see the pictures and I want to cry.

~ Ruby is changing so much. Every day she seems to be a little bit different than the day before. I love her like crazy.


Emily said...

That's so cute that she likes the louder music. Pretty funny!

I hear ya on the hairdo thing. I haven't coloured my har for the entire first trimester, nor have I cut it. Because I get blonde streaks, I now look like a pregnant trailer trash whore. I hate it! Haircuts/colours do wonders... I think I'll get mine done at 15-16 weeks.

I know you feel yucky about your body, and I hav eno advice, other than that I know this will pass. You will get into your pre-preg clothes, but I know how hard this limbo time must be! I've seen pics of you, and I think you look awesome!

Aurelia said...

my mummy tummy is still there. It takes time to lose. If you are still pumping and breastfeeding a bit that will help with the weight loss.

After my first it took about 4 months to lose all the weight, and another 4-5 months for the slack skin to tighten up.

After Mac, and that was pregnancy #4, it took shorter time to lose, but longer to tighten up the loose skin. Maybe 18 months?

Aurelia said...

Buy some new clothes, but get some stretchy yoga pants or lycra jeans. You will use them. Really.

annacyclopedia said...

Ruby smiling is so incredibly luscious! Glad to hear you are both doing so well.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

My mommy tummy was almost gone and then I went back to work and for some reason I can not resist all the treats that people bring in everyday!

As for sleeping through the night-Baby M started around 8 weeks, but that was also about the time that my milk dried up and he went almost all formula fed. I think longer sleeping stretches just come with age. Hang in there and hopefully she will be one that gets herself into the routine of sleeping through the night.