Friday, January 2, 2009

Fenugreek and Nursing Tea

I've been on Fenugreek and drinking the nursing tea for 3 days. It's to boost my milk supply so that I can have some extra milk for storage and emergencies.

I'm taking 1000mg of Fenugreek 3 times a day and drinking 3 cups of the nursing tea a day.

Ruby has been eating every 2 hours and I'm still just getting enough to feed her each time (I also have a small surplus in the fridge). But this means I'm pumping quite often, which should also help boost my supply, right? I'm also drinking lots of water and eating much better than I was a week or two ago.

But so far I haven't noticed any difference.

I'm just wondering how long it will take for my supply to increase? And will it be all of a sudden or gradual??

Does anyone know?


Candi B. said...

I went on Reglan on a Thursday and I had a supply surge the next Wednesday. I only pump 3 times a day and I get about 5-6 ounces more than Carter needs.

Aurelia said...

Domperidone will help faster, not sure about the fenugreek, although it does work eventually. You'll need a bigger or stronger pump to increase your supply. If you already have one, try adjusting the dial for different rates of pressure.

I've also heard of women who alternated pumping times on the breast. That is--left boob a long time, and right shorter time, then next session, right boob a long time and left shorter.