Thursday, November 26, 2009


I had a midwife appointment today. And I got to hear the baby's heartbeat. It made me so happy. It made it more real and it made me excited and it was just what I needed. I even recorded it on my blackberry to play back later for Steve. It was the best feeling to be able to hear that pretty little helicopter sound (160bpm).

Then when I was driving home I got into a car accident. A semi-truck drove into the lane I was in causing the car in front of me to stop abruptly. I couldn't quite get my car stopped before I rear ended that car in front of me. Of course the semi-truck drove away (Fucker!!!). Of course because I was the poor bastard at the end of the line, I will be the one to pay. The car I hit just had a few little scratches in the bumper but you know this guy is heading straight to his buddy's body shop to have the whole car overhauled at my expense.

Ruby was with me and she cried for about 10 seconds and then stopped. I think it was just the loud bang that scared her. I checked her out and she's totally fine. I think I'm fine too but of course bad thoughts run through a girl's head. When I finally got home I thought I was having some weird tummy troubles and I was sure that something terrible had happened and that I was going to lose Junior. But now that I've had a nap and am more rational, I'm pretty sure it was just gas.

In any case, I'm going to spend the day relaxing and I won't be straining myself by doing any housework or cooking any dinner.

I'm sure that this was the Universe's way of telling me to keep it real. "Don't get too excited about anything, bitch because I can take it all away from you anytime I like."


JJ said...

SO sorry about the accident!! Just glad you all are OK!
Makes me smile that you got to hear the heartbeat today=)

Candi said...

so sorry tara.

i was rear ended when carter was about 7 months old., thankfully, the guy in front of me drove away, so i paid nothing...although i think that is a ridiculous law. so glad you are ok.

chicklet said...

Uggh, that's so ICBC's way... end of the line = fault. Hopefully the guy you hit will be reasonable and you wont have to screw around much.

Glad to hear everyone's ok.

nancy said...

How utterly scary. I'm terrified of the prospect of getting in a car accident with my kids in the car.

I'm sure that baby in your belly is just fine. My doctor told me just how protected it is in there, especially when it's early, and it's better than the best carseat ever made. :)