Friday, February 6, 2009

Goodbye Midwife

Yesterday we had our very last appointment with the midwife.

*sniff* *sniff*

Ruby was weighed, measured, and checked over. She's 11lbs now (a far cry from that skinny newborn), and she's 24 inches long (I tell ya, this girl is going to be tall), and she's a healthy little girl.

I was given a pap, (bonus that I don't have to ask a new doctor for one). The midwife also examined me because I have had a bit of stinging down there when I pee. It turns out I have a little "cut" that hasn't healed yet and I need to be careful right now to try to "keep my legs closed" (ha, no problem with that stinging pain) and try not to agitate the area so it can heal faster. I think my constant sneezing certainly doesn't help. Surprisingly the pap didn't hurt at all (I thought it would because of the cut) - and that's just one more reason why I love my midwife.

We also discussed my recent sleep issues. I think I might have saved myself a $110 therapist visit because I felt better after I left and I had a decent sleep last night. We discussed SIDS and I learned a little more about it which made me feel a little less worried about it. We also discussed this being an infertility related issue. How I waited so long for Ruby and now I'm afraid she'll be taken away from me. My midwife told me that good things DO happen to good people and that I am a good person. And that Ruby is mine to keep.

She also suggested that I might try a nightcap to relax me.
Oh how I love this woman.

She did also say that if it doesn't stop or gets worse in the next few weeks, that I might want to consider taking an anti-depressant. Good advise, yes - but I have a feeling I won't need it.

Also discussed was... birth control. She warned me that even though we have fertility problems, that I will have a much higher chance of becoming pregnant since I've now had a baby....
Yeah, I'm not so sure I'm buying this theory. How can my becoming pregnant and having a baby make Steve have more than 1 or 2% viable sperm?? I just don't see it happening. So I advised her that I would not be taking any precautions to prevent any further pregnancies. IF a pregnancy did occur naturally, I would be totally ok with it. She then warned that I could be pregnant again in 6 weeks, and what then???
It is a risk I am willing to take. A very very very small risk after all.
(Besides, this little cut has been all the birth control I need lately anyway).

I was given two copies of my health records while under her care. One for my new doctor (whomever s/he may be) and one for Ruby. So that when she grows up and has questions about how she was born, I'll have all the info on paper. Kinda cool.

And that was about it. We hugged and said goodbye.

I can say that overall it was a really good experience for me and I would do it all over again, if... I could do it all over again. I was so pleased with the level of care that both myself and Ruby received.


Carrie said...

Ah yes, birth control. People have been asking me lately what we plan on doing (I'm only 22 weeks along in this pregnancy, people!) and I really don't know. It seems so stupid to go on bcp after infertility and kind of surreal to even think about it.

And while I totally get that my fertility issues have been resolved and my body could possibly get pregnant easier now, nothing has changed with the hubby's sperm so it seems just silly to think about it.

Sadly, the OB mentioned the whole "you could get pregnant easier now" thing in front of hubby who got all excited about the prospect. I had to gently remind him (ie, bring him back to earth and break his heart a little) that nothing has changed on his part and most likely that wouldn't be the case for us. I think he's still holding out hope though. :( Sad.

Carrie said...

lordy - sorry about that! my computer has issues... feel free to delete some of those - lol!

Emily said...

Are you sure your midwife knows about your MFI? Sheesh. F birth control. Glad Ruby is a healthy little baby!!

Emily said...

Awww I already love our midwives and I can only imagine how sad it will be to have to say good bye. Fingers crossed that you get to do it all again someday! xoxo

Spacey said...

Awwww. That's so cool that your midwife was able to put some worries to rest for you and that she took so great care of you and Ruby. :)

Candi B. said...

the birth because of my seizure, we plan on waiting awhile to have another, so my ob can be prepared. getting my IUD was weird and i cried. i was so upset that i would be PREVENTING a pregnancy at all.

Aurelia said...

Yeah, that sometimes happens with female factor IF, but not male, unless the male factor was a temporary quality thing. (I've heard of guys where it can vary.)

Oh about the stinging from the cut, a little polysporin with painkiller might help protect that and heal it faster. Postpartum women can be a little low on estrogen, making everything drier and harder to heal.