Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good morning...

Steve: *blissfully getting ready for work, opening and closing doors, showering with the bathroom door open, waiting to let the dog out so she comes and begs on my side of the bed, and talking to me while I have the covers pulled over my head* Ruby slept well last night, heh?

Me: *bleary eyed, exhausted, miserable, trying to hold on to the "nap" that I'm currently having while Ruby tosses and turns and talks in her sleep - and seething with irritation and rage forhis complete ignorance* NO. Ruby did NOT sleep well last night. But obviously you did.


Emily said...

Ahhhh yes. Husbando tosses and turns and talks in the night but doesn't remember it at all despite keeping me up all night so I know we'll be having those nights!

noswimmers said... it. Stick his ass in a room alone with her tonight, see how HE sleeps.