Monday, October 26, 2009


My beta came back as "normal". However, my doctor is sending me for an ultrasound next week just to confirm that there is only ONE little nutrient sucking freeloader in there and not TWO. Because Steve's grandmother had twins. And wouldn't that just be the icing?

In other news we've decided not to sell our house and/or move. Oh lord did I feel good after we came to that decision. I really would like to live closer to my mother but right now I just can not fathom the stress that showing/selling/looking/buying/moving would bring to my life. So we've committed to stay here for at least another year. We're going to take back the basement suite (which we currently have rented out) in the spring and make it more of a family area. We'll move the computer down there (I'm asking Santa for a laptop for Christmas anyways), and we're going to rename it the "granny suite" so that my mom is tricked into thinking that we set it up just for her and then she will feel obligated to come and stay more often. She is already talking about cutting back her hours at work. Staying put will also help us save some money, including the extra income from the suite for a little while longer.

*Deciding not to sell our house lifted a giant weight off my shoulders - even though this house really won't hold us forever. But for now, we'll make it work.

I'm still not quite "there" yet in terms of fully accepting this pregnancy - I know that's hard to understand for a lot of people but until you're walking in my shoes, please don't judge. It's a very strange place to be right now. I do feel that the "normal" beta helped a bit though. And I think the ultrasound will be another push in the right direction as long as it, too, comes back "normal".

*Yes, yes I know this is what many of you had already "advised" me to do. Please hold on to your "I-told-you-so's" though, as this is a decision that I had to come to myself.


Just Jen said...

Great to see that things are looking up for you! You are a strong woman, and you'll make it work.

Emily said...

Sheesh... I wouldn't be 'there' yet if that happened to me. What a shock! Of course it's taking some time to process and come to terms with!

I am very happy that everything is normal though. Good luck with your u/s.

Also happy you made a decision about the house. It's always good to let big decisions like that stew for awhile. You still may change your mind, but for now I'm glad you will be able to make due.

Aurelia said...

I'd be shocked too. Really. Glad the number was good, and you know I am crossing my fingers for you with the ultrasound.

I am glad that you have come to some resolution though on what to do going forward, because it will relieve your mind somewhat.

Spacey said...

Glad to hear that things are lining up and plans are being made for when this baby (or babies) arrive.

Diana said...

I would love to move to a bigger house but that is just not possible for us either. We too will just make it work somehow! Good luck with the u/s, I look forward to hearing all about it!

nancy said...

Whoa. Twins would be a trip!

My first two girls are 15 months apart so if you have any questions, just let me know!