Monday, October 12, 2009


Steve has 1% viable sperm. We were told that we had approximately a 1% chance of ever conceiving naturally.

A doctor confirmed today that I will be 5 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I go for a HCG beta next week. So different from getting here via IVF.

Still so early. Scared to death to be happy. Feel some guilt for Ruby. Feel some IF guilt.

Somewhat stunned silent.


Somewhat Ordinary said...

Wow, 1% shot! That is pretty amazing. I know it is still very early and anything can happen, but hopefully all will be fine and Ruby will be a big sis soon. I understand being scared to death and feeling guilty about Ruby. I also get the IF guilt, too. There are so many of us out there. And, yeah we might feel some sadness for ourselves, it trumps the happiness that we feel for you! Just remember that because it "could" be anyone of us that gets the surprise 1% chance!

Emily said...


Shut up!

no, seriously. Did you see my twitter response the other day?

OH MY GOD. WHy didn't I see this post yesterday?

SO happy. This is wonderful news!!!!!

Emily said...

I know you're feeling stunned so I'll do a little happy dance for you. I think (aside from the IF stuff) the guilt about Ruby, shock, panic, etc are all normal for anyone in your situation and i'm sure you'll be excited when its more real.

Oh and I was thinking about this last night and the thought - OMG what if its twins! LOL! ;)

Mommy Shoes said...

I understand the guilt of getting pregnant without assistance. Believe me, I understand. Even now, I just don't get it and my 1%chance is 10 months old. As my husband used to continually remind me, 1% = nonzero. Just breathe and cuddle your little girl, that's all you have to do today.

nancy said...

Crazy, eh? This is how I felt when I got pregnant with my second baby. Although we were trying, it only took one month.

Anywho, congrats again! Lucky 1%! Woohoo!!!

(thanks for answering my post on my blog. You said some niceties and I really appreciate it!)

Hopeful Mother said...

Unbelievable!!! Still amazed here.

My hubby had less than 1 mil. swimmers both times he was tested... I wonder what our statistics would be? Probably close to what yours were!

Anyway, I'm on BCP so that changes things slightly, but still!

Just amazed at your 1% becoming a BFP without any "help!"

SassyMama said...

Congrats to you:)

Cece said...

So so awesome. My odds weren't at 1% - but I know what you are going through to some extent! Congrats!!!

rocket.queen. said...

Don't feel bad about what the universe has given you. This baby was meant to be, obviously. congrats! It's fun being part of a big pregnant lady wave.

Spacey said...

OMG!!! Big congrats!!! Happy and healthy 9 months! Ruby will be an amazing big sister!

Aurelia said...


I get lazy about checking blogs for five seconds and you show up pregnant?

Very happy, but holy shit, stunned.

I actually wanted to ask when I saw you say you were late on twitter, but I figured you would think it was rude, so I shut up!

Oh, God, what about work and child care? If you go back when scheduled, will you have enough EI weeks to go again? I know there is some sort of program for that, but I forget how it works? Oh never's a zillion times cheaper the second time around, they use all the same stuff again.

Holy crap.

Just don't feel guilty!