Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Girls can be hockey fans too.

Occasionally somebody will mistake Ruby for a boy. Usually when she's wearing something kind of... well, boyish. I know that when babies are not wearing PINK or BLUE, it can be hard to tell sometimes. It's not as if she's got hair long enough to put into ponytails.

I usually don't care too much about it.

But today, someone went so overboard with it that I think even Ruby was annoyed.

Today is Game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs for Ruby's favorite hockey team (Canucks) and so when we went out today Ruby wore her retro hockey jersey (with a red frilly shirt underneath) and red pants.

And some ass in the produce store said this:

Ass: Awww, would you look at that cute little guy.

I turn around to look at him to correct him but I don't get a chance because he just goes off...

Ass: I should say look at that BIG guy. He's all ready for the Canucks game tonight isn't he? He's going to grow up to be a BIG BOY! Isn't that right, fella? You should play hockey when you get older. You would be a good DEFENCEMAN.

So not only does she look like a boy but she's a brute too? I know those jerseys are never very figure flattering on chicks, but seriously?

Personally, I would feel kinda bad taking my little boy out with a pink pacifier in his mouth and pink painted toenails but whatever.

Head out of your ass, buddy. That was obnoxious.


rocket.queen. said...

I hate hate HATE gender associations with colors. I regularly put pink and purple on my boy because I LIKE it.

Quinlon gets mistaken for a girl most often when he is wearing blue (in the USA).

Fortunately, in China, they don't have those same stereotypes and I have seen many a boy running around in hot pink and ruffles.

noswimmers said...

I've seen a picture of Ruby in her little jersey...she does NOT look like a boy! And she most definitely does NOT look chunky! Argh!

I played hockey in high school...Ruby, you grow up and kick some ass out on the ice!

chicklet said...

I shouldn't laugh but I am - people are morons. If i have a girl I am SOOOOO dressing her in jerseys to support the team. And not pink ones.

Mommy Shoes said...

Frozen brain syndrome from Northern living? That's my theory. Stupidity runs rampant. I never assume the sex of a child even based on what he or she is wearing. I bought a bunch of blue items (and sports-related stuff too) despite being team green. Z has been called she more than once despite wearing blue.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

People have no clue!

When I was about 6 months old my parents took me out to a fancy restaurant for some reason. They dressed me in this super frilly dress that had blue accents. The older couple at the next table started talking to my parents and the old guy kept saying "he" when referring to me. His wife corrected him a few times and he got frustrated telling her she was wrong. My mom did tell the man I was a girl and he told her they shouldn't be putting a girl in blue! Forget about the fact it was a dress with little rosettes and lace and I had a blue ribbon in my hair. The fact it was blue threw this moron off!

And, by the way my son has 2 pink shirts. It confuses the hell out of little kids, but so far adults have known he was a boy. I'll do the pink shirt, but I'll pass on painting his toes!

nancy said...

Okay, at first I was going to say that it happens all the time - I'd have my baby in a full on pink dress and I'd get the "is it a boy or girl?" question and I'd be like, "seriously?". But going on and on and on like he did? ASS.

I'm with rocket queen - i really hate gender associations by color. But I'm also a hypocrit because I hated dressing my girls in gender neutral colors because they didn't obviously LOOK like girls.

See? I try to be all fucking cool and be anti-society standard but I'm not. At least when it comes to my kids and the way I dressed them when they were babies. I suck.

sara said...

I think she is beautiful...and good for you for having her root for her favorite hockey team!