Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Halfway there

Yesterday marked 20 weeks, the halfway mark. That's it??! It seems that I have a very long way to go still.

I (re)joined a gym. I cancelled my membership when I was pregnant with Ruby because we were moving and I was pregnant and I was going on mat leave and I was looking to save money and cut corners (and lets be honest, working out wasn't at the top of my list of things to do). I figured I'd get all my exercise by walking - which I did quite a bit of on mat leave. Anyways, I've been feeling quite disgusting and flubby and gross and depressed as of late. Zero energy and lots of aches and pains and headaches. At just the perfect time, a girlfriend got me a free pass to my old gym chain (new gym) for a week so I went a few times and it made me feel really good. I wanted to keep going but a new gym membership was going to be an astronomical cost and Steve didn't seem overly jazzed about me spending the cake. But I was able to swing a deal with the gym to reinstate my old membership (for a reasonable fee) because I had cancelled it less than 2 years ago and start up again with paying my old monthly dues (which are $20 per month less than new membership dues). So I feel pretty happy that I am able to do this. I haven't done anything for myself in quite some time. The new gym also has full time child minding services so that if I need to bring Ruby, I can. And after the boy is born and I'm on mat leave again, I can bring them both with me to work out during the day. Seems good to me. If my shoulders didn't ache I would pat myself on the back.

Wonder why my shoulders might be aching? Look at the jugs I'm packing around! I've always had big boobs but come on! This is ridiculous. I'm totally saving up for a reduction/reconstruction job after I'm done with feeding babies.

(20 weeks)


Just Jen said...

Not a word of a lie, my friend... You look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful. Enjoy your gym membership.

Emily said...

I think you look slim + pregnant!

Me said...

You look so gorgeous!! Look at your preggy glow!!

Anonymous said...

you are one.. beautiful.. woman!!!


Anonymous said...

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