Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good and Bad

The Good: My vertigo appears to be GONE!!! I am so bloody happy I could shout from the rooftops!!!  I felt like the treatment I had a week ago took care of it but was still getting some weird... wobbles(?) in my head.  They've slowed down considerably but I went in to see my physiotherapist yesterday anyways.  He tested me on both sides and both were NEGATIVE.  Oh I was so fucking happy I hugged him.  I feel so much better - and people have noticed.  Saw the inlaws and my parents this weekend and both commented to Steve how much better I seemed and how my eyes were more clear and how much happier I was.  No shit. Try being dizzy and have room spins for 7 weeks and see how cheerful you feel.  I'm thrilled to be feeling better.  And it's a good thing because...

The Bad: Lincoln finished a 7 day regime of antibiotics last Thursday for his second UTI.  I got a call on Friday from the pediatric urologist saying he had an appointment for November 29th.  A MONTH away.  Then Saturday, Sunday, Monday he was super cranky and the inconsolable SCREAMING was back in full swing.  I brought him in to see the doctor yesterday, was told to get another urine sample - which I brought in for testing today and guess what? Yep, he's got his THIRD UTI. 


My family doctor said that he is going to personally phone the ped urologist and get him in sooner.  I mean, clearly something is very wrong.  He wrote me ANOTHER prescription for Lincoln but I'm not to get it filled until I hear from the doc as they want him to grow the bacteria a little more so they can test it for something or other.  In the meantime the children's Advil is now officially free flowing in this house.  My poor little guy. 

I am so glad that my head is clear so that I can be on my game for whatever is to come in the next few weeks. 


JJ said...

SO GLAD the vertigo is gone--it was my awesome mixed CD that got rid of it, wasnt it?;)

I hate that Lincoln is having such a tough time!

JJ Keith said...

Whoa. I saw JJ's comment above and was like, "Wow, did I get blackout drunk and comment already on this post?" Now I realize that there I do not own a monopoly on my name. Phew.

But I also am SO GLAD that the vertigo is gone. I'm so sorry to hear about Lincoln's UTIs, but at least now you're in a better position to deal with it.

Esperanza said...

SOOOO glad the vertigo is gone but sad to hear that your little boy has another UTI. I hope they figure it out and it's not hard to fix it.