Monday, May 10, 2010


In the past few months I’ve been super organized and on top of everything I possibly can. I’m all about getting things done and not procrastinating. Yes, I could leave those dishes in the sink and the smashed goldfish crackers on the floor because I’m really tired and need to rest but the rest doesn’t feel as good when I can see that pile of orange crumbs out of the corner of my eye.

I’ve been keeping Ruby’s room clean and tidy and I’ve set up her toddler bed so that when she’s ready, it’s there and it’s not a big shock to her. I make Ruby’s lunch every evening and make sure her daycare bag is replenished daily with diapers, wipes and a change of clothes. The toys get put away neatly every night after she’s gone to bed.

I’m on top of laundry. The car is cleaned and vacuumed. The kitchen table, counters and coffee table (and anything else with a smudge on it) are wiped clean every night. I vacuum/sweep the floor on a regular basis. Even the yard is clean and tidy and the grass is mowed (no, I do not do the mowing).

So WHY then can I not get my shit together and get ready for this baby??? I’ve done some things in preparation but have I done enough? For the life of me I can’t remember everything I need to do to be ready. I still have 5 weeks before my due date, yes – but I am just so laid back and in no hurry to get organized like I was with Ruby. I know that’s probably normal with your second baby – but I feel like such a procrastinator!

I HATE procrastination.

I would feel so much better if I could get his room all ready, his clothes (what few of them I have) all washed and put away, the art hung on the walls, the furniture organized.

I just can’t seem to get it together yet.

I’m hoping that when get back on maternity leave I will get things done then. It’s looking like I will be off two weeks before my due date. That should give me plenty of time to get everything done, right?? And I will get this big urge to nest right about then and I will have all this extra energy, right?? And he won’t come before I’m ready for him, right??? And if he does, I can make due, right??

I need to write down the basics of what needs to be done/purchased and tackle it. I just wish I could remember what the basics are right now.

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chicklet said...

The things I couldn't have lived without the first month or so...
1. Bjorn (he was too small for a stroller really).
2. Diapers. Good lord the diapers.
3. Diaper genie if you're not someone who takes your garbage out regularly (we're not, so things woulda got smelly).
4. Sleepers (although onesies might be fine for the season your little one is born in).
5. That purple tube nipple cream stuff.
6. Something to trap him in at home. We used the co-sleeper in the living room, dining room, everywhere.

And coffee. And liquor. And chocolate:-)