Wednesday, May 19, 2010

36 weeks

Had my 36 week midwife appt yesterday. She was quite concerned about my "spell" and of course if it happens again I am to head directly to emergency. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. The fact that I couldn't form a coherent sentence is what has everyone quite concerned.

In the meantime, she checked my cervix and it is shortened, soft (she could have put her finger through it if she wanted to... not sure why she'd want to), and facing forward. I remember being 39 weeks with my last pregnancy and it being long and hard and closed (I believe I used the term "rusty steel trap"). She said that if went into labour tonight, she would not be surprised. She also said that if I was already in labour, she would be telling me, "Not long now!".

This could mean something and it could mean nothing. I know.

In the meantime she wants me to be finished work. She is writing a letter to my boss to advise that I should be done. I have made a deal that I would come in and work a couple of hours each day and then take my laptop home and be available to help from there. That's where we stand now - my boss said that in a couple of weeks we'd reassess... uh... yeah in a couple of weeks I'm long gone. I'm not going to be available after June 1st.

Right now I'm frazzled with the stress of training my replacement, working full time, keeping up a house, meals, laundry, etc - Ruby was sick last week, Steve and I fought this weekend, and yesterday the daycare lady drove over my stroller with her van (she doesn't want to replace it, thinks her husband can "fix" it). I'm maxed in the stress department. Not to mention I'm extremely uncomfortable, I feel like I'm peeing every time I walk, and standing up makes me feel like I need to take a poop. What I really want is some time to rest and catch up and feel good before I go into labour. I'm not due til June 16th but if the boy comes early I'm fucked at this point. I'd rather be bored and have too much rest than to be running out the door to the hospital carrying my laundry basket so I can fold clothes on the way there...

Anyways, I expect that the shortened hours will help. I hope they will.

My home "photographer" sucks. I am not overly crazy about the following photo but I've been so slack at taking milestone pictures of my belly this time that I thought I better just suck it up and post this or I'd end up with nothing. Here's the 36 week belly shot.

(Fuck, do I look rough):


JJ said...

Again, I am so sorry you have all this crap to deal with. You DO look great-you are one cute pregnant lady :) BIG HUGS!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

I don't think you look rough! I hope you can get some much needed rest soon and that your boy waits a bit.

Me said...

You look so hot!

Emily said...

So sorry about the crap you are going through. I do think you look good though!!!!

I hope the time flies by until your little guy arrives!

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