Monday, April 19, 2010


Can my marriage survive 2 kids? A newborn and a toddler?

Can it survive the rest of this pregnancy?

Will I ever feel well rested again?

Does Ruby know something now? Is that why she is constantly biting, scratching, pinching and hitting me.

Will I ever have a clean house again? Will I stop caring?

Should I get my hair cut now or wait til after the baby is born? What about a cut and color?

Am I too old to be doing this 2 young kids thing and be good at it?

Will Ruby resent me when I have to spend so much time and energy on a new baby?

Will I be able to train someone to do my job properly before I go on maternity leave?

Will the ultrasound on Wednesday show the placenta has moved? And that it is still functioning properly?

Will we be able to pay our bills?

Will we ever get a second vehicle?

Will we ever get the brakes fixed on our first vehicle?

Will I get treated special on my 35th birthday next week?

What about Mothers Day?

If I'm so much smaller with this pregnancy, why am I getting new stretch marks?

Will the Canucks have a good playoff run?

Why did my daycare lady have to decide to close permanently at the end of May?

Will I be able to breastfeed this time?

Will Ruby EVER cuddle with me? Will my son be a cuddler?

Will he be a "good" baby?

Is this going to be as hard as I'm sure it's going to be?

Am I mistaking fatigue for depression? Or depression for fatigue? Or am I feeling both?

Can I do this?

Will I ever feel "ready"?

Does anyone have a crystal ball?


Somewhat Ordinary said...

I know you have a million questions, but you WILL get through all of this. I wonder somedays if I can get through the all the shit I'm going through, but I do because I have to and you will, too.

My best friend had her 3rd last week. They planned this baby because they wanted all their kids 2 years apart despite the fact they are in no place financially for a third child. Everytime I talk to her (even before the baby was born) she freaks out over her situation. I just give her guidance because it is the situation she is in and has to keep it together to do her best to get through. You will do great with 2 kids-it might not be easy, but it will be worth it!

Cece said...

It will all be perfect. YOu will do great and your daughter will love your son. Trust me.

JJ said...

I wish I had a ball. I wish I could answer all these FOR you. You are gonna be a fantastic momma of 2!

Just Jen said...

Will you?!... Hell yes! And as overwhelming as it may be, I have no doubt you'll be great at all of it!

Emily said...

It will all work out. That little guy will try you (and your marriage), but in the end you will be so happy. You will never be able to imagine life different. You just can't see that now.

Hopefully the newborn-no-sleep-breastfeeding phase will fl by. Next thing you know he'll be 7 months old, you'll be a well rested mama of 2 children that make you smile!

Me said...

Holy crappers! You need to chill it lady! Everything will work out just as it is supposed to, don't worry. Worrying causes wrinkles, we have talked about this. Wrinkles are bad bad bad. LOL. Don't stress. Your life will never be the same but at the same time...your life is your one and only life. Enjoy it (even when you think it sucks) and get ready to rock the socks off every Mom on the planet cause you are gonna kick some ass with two toddlers in a double stroller!

My babysitting services are FREE...:)

Emily said...

I'm weighing in late here but I second what everyone else is saying - you can and you WILL. Partly because you rock and partly because you have to! LOL! Think about how fast time has flown with Ruby - it'll be no time before you posting questions on whether you can survive them leaving home! xoxo

annacyclopedia said...

No answers, just a very late chiming in with great confidence that you will figure it all out in your own way, and that you will be happy. I can only imagine that this time is very fraught with worry and questions (um, duh, Anna...see post above...) but I know that things will change and some answers will appear. Cause they always do.

And in the meantime, you've got all of us, cheering for you.

Anonymous said...

Precisely, you are right