Thursday, February 18, 2010


I went to the doctor today about my shoulder. I have been having such sharp, ripping, tingling pains in it so much lately. I was up half the night last night because of pain when I move even the slightest bit. In fact, I shed tears over it.

My doctor is a completely separate entity from the midwives that I see during pregnancy – but after explaining my pain to him he said that it is pregnancy related and it’s a muscle strain. As I figured. And there’s very little one can do about it. Also as I figured.

He was, however, very sympathetic as his wife recently had their second baby and they now have two that are 18 months apart. He said she had the same problem with her shoulder and that it is aggravated by carrying a toddler. Hers apparently got so bad he had to inject her muscles with something or other.

He suggested physiotherapy and/or massage and/or acupuncture. I’ve got a lead on a good acupuncturist in my area (thanks M) who also does deep tissue massage and I am going to book in with her ASAP.

I also mentioned in passing about my Symphisis Pubic Dysfunction and his heart really went out to me. He said that’s a terrible thing to deal with and that because I will have pain with every movement that I’d be having a hard time keeping my weight down.

Ring-a-ding-ding! Yes sir.

Although of course I got all defensive – thinking that I must look fat if he’s noticing that I can’t keep my weight down and I went on to tell him that I’d been hitting the gym 3-4 times a week and suffering with the pain afterwards because I NEED to do it.

Anyways, I just want to say that I feel very very sorry for people who suffer from chronic pain. It is terrible and takes a toll not only physically but also mentally. It is seriously dragging me down to be constantly hurting – even when doing the most menial of tasks (like rolling over in bed). I managed to get to the privacy of my car before I burst out in hysterical, pregnancy-hormone, over-tired, feeling-sorry-for-myself tears.


JJ Keith said...

Glad you found a sympathetic ear. You've been going through so much and you're really being a trooper about it. Keep hanging in there.

When I was pregnant I suddenly understood a bit of what sufferers of chronic pain must go through. I had some rough sciatica and I was carrying high, with my baby jammed up in my ribs. I consoled myself by remembering that it would be over soon and I'd have a baby. I don't know how people deal with pain like that indefinitely.

Aurelia said...

I'm sorry. I've been through chronic painful pregnancy bits and unsympathetic husband, and it's crap, total absolute crap.

I will say that Motherisk said I could take some things like advil and robaxacet and maybe call them?

And that the overall pain might be helped by vitamin D? Remember when I had osteomalacia from low d and my whole body ached and everything else felt worse?

Also, your husband needs to grow up and get with the program. You didn't get this way on your own.

Anonymous said...

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