Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Soft as a baby's....

I just wanted to write a quick post about Aveeno Baby - Soothing Relief Moisture Cream.

This stuff is AMAZING.

Ruby has had sandpaper-like, dry skin on her forehead around her hairline, partly due to some cradle cap and also perhaps from a little bit of eczema. I was trying to let it run it's own course but I think it was starting to bother her as she was starting to rub at it and make it red and irritated. I had tried applying olive oil to it but that just wasn't helping it anymore (not to mention the greasiness). I remember my midwife mentioning the Aveeno cream so I grabbed a bottle of it at the pharmacy while I was there getting my baby crack.

I had no idea it would actually work so well. Ruby's forehead is now soft and the dry patches around her ears and eyebrows are almost totally gone. It makes her skin feels fantastic. No more redness, no more sandpaper. And there was a noticeable difference after just one application.

Before now, I would have told you that one cream is probably just as good as the next. But now I'm all about the Aveeno Baby, baby.


nancy said...

Oh no, you are totally right - some creams are so much better than others.

For example - diaper rash cream. MOST are just different versions of the same thing - zinc oxide. But not Triple Paste. That stuff is awesome. It costs $30 for a 1 lb tub, but SO worth it when you need it.

Emily said...

Nice! I wonder if it would work on my eczema? It has been outta control since I became pregnant.

Jen said...

I had the Aveeno diaper rash cream at first. When I used it up, I bought a cheaper version. NOOOO!!! Don't make my mistake. I'm a believer in Aveeno now. We've got the baby wash too.