Friday, September 3, 2010

I love Lincoln

Have I mentioned that? Honestly, I don't think I have. Not here anyways. And I need to.

I wrote a LOT of posts about how the surprise pregnancy totally blindsided me and how I had a really hard time processing it and trying to come to terms with the fact that I would be the mother of two when at one point I thought I would be childless for the rest of my life. And then how lucky I was to finally conceive and then give birth to Ruby, and how I made myself come to terms with the fact that she would likely be an only child and I had made that seem very appealing in my head, because that's what you do. You learn to accept and love the life you have.

And then I wrote a lot of posts about how hard his pregnancy was and how much I was not enjoying it. And that was so true. I'm not going back on that - the pregnancy was definitely stressful and physically taxing and downright painful and very unpleasant. I am just not one of those women who really enjoys being pregnant.

I also may or may not have posted about how much I was (am) in love with Ruby and how I didn't think I could ever possibly love another child the way I love her.

And now, 9 weeks into this I can not IMAGINE my life without Lincoln. My god I am crazy in love with him. He is my special little gift and I am ever so thankful to have been blessed with him. He is sweet and snugly and a true little mamma's boy. I couldn't be happier. My heart is bursting full.

I think I just needed to make all that clear.


annacyclopedia said...

Gorgeous photo and gorgeous post. It's wonderful to hear that you are so happy.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya.... and I totally feel your love


Emily said...

Of course you love him. Life has a way of doing crazy things... I get the 'This will likely be our only child, and had made that seem very appealing in my head'. Because that's where I'm at.

When I thought I was going to be childless I tried to make that appealing too.

I think in those situations, you do convince yourself that, because you know the certainty of the situation and you WANT to be happy with your life.

I am so glad you love your little man. What a sweet little boy. I am so very happy for you. I know the path that lead you to him was hard, but now that he's here, it's amazing to look back and see how much it was worth it!

I also hated being pregnant. Loved the outcome, but really just wanted to snap my fingers and have the baby out.

Emily said...

Soooooooooooooooo sweet! And we all KNEW you loved him but its so wonderful when we remember, amid the craziness, to shout it from the treetops!

Femme au Foyer said...

I never thought otherwise from reading your blog, but it's still so wonderful to read about how much you love your little man. Thanks also for the sweet comment you wrote on my post. I haven't had a chance to tell you this until now, but I really, really appreciated it and it made me feel a lot better. As it turns out, I *am* having a girl so you and I both now have one of each!

Just Jen said...

Great pic! You look beautifully content, and that little man of yours-- adorable. (Also looks an awful lot like his big sister.)

Miss you. XO

Somewhat Ordinary said...

I never doubted for a minute that you would love that baby! Plus, little boys hold a real special place in their mom's hearts. You look so in love with him.