Thursday, June 17, 2010

NST, U/S, Pelvic exam

I'm now officially overdue.

Yesterday's ultrasound showed that the amniotic fluid is indeed a little bit low but not low enough to induce.

The NST showed that the little dude in my tummy is quite comfortable and happy and under no stress whatsoever. He apparently has no intentions of leaving any time soon.

A repeat NST was booked for Monday just to check that the fluids aren't dropping and that everything remains good.

Midwife appointment showed that my cervix is soft but not dilated and posterior. It's shortened a teensy tiny bit but nothing substantial. The midwife commented on how high up my cervix is and maybe that's why the baby hasn't actually settled into my pelvis yet (although some days it sure feels like he's trying). His head is against my cervix but my cervix is up high. So, not too sure what that all means. I was assured that even though I'm not dilated or effaced and the baby isn't settled into my pelvis that I still COULD go into labour at any time. That gave me a tiny bit of hope.

Last night and this morning I had the feeling that I would get just before I get my period. Yes, this would have excited me except that this has happened so much over the past couple of weeks that I no longer think too much about it. Last night and this morning were stronger than the other times but the feeling has abated now, as it always does. I suspect the feeling may have come from being poked and prodded so much yesterday.

And that is all I`ve got.


Anonymous said...

Ok mark my words, any minute now... I know it


Anonymous said...

p.s. I also have a feeling that when it happens it's gonna happen really really fast.... let's just see if I'm right.


Anonymous said...

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I got hooked about half way through the season.