Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Headbutting E.T.

Ruby's learning new stuff all the time - smart little cookie that she is. Steve thinks maybe she's ready for grade 1. And yes, I do know how obnoxious that sounds.

Yesterday she started doing two new things. Two things that I did not teach her.

First, she started touching her index finger to mine. I make a pointy finger, she makes a pointy finger. Then she touches her pointy finger to mine and smiles at me. I thought it was a fluke until she did it a few times. It's super cute.

But uh... not so super cute? Is her other new "thing". Headbutting. She looks at me and smiles and I smile back... and then she smashes her forehead into my face. Yesterday she headbutt (headbutted?) my nose so hard it made my eyes water.

The finger thing she can keep doing but how do you teach a baby NOT to do something? Like headbutting?

E.T. was cute because he was endearing. And he didn't go around headbutting people. I'm sure his fate would have been different if he did.


annacyclopedia said...

My mom's method to teach little ones not to bite was to put a finger or two on their chin and say a stern but kind "No!" The same thing might work if you touched her forehead instead. You could add something like "That hurts me" if you wanted more explanation. Of course she doesn't get long arguments for why she shouldn't do that, but it is amazing how much they can actually understand, I think, even when they're really little. That has always been my experience with my nephews, anyway.

Cause yeah, headbutting is really not one of those things you want to wait for her to grow out of. Ouch!

And I'm cracking up over ET the headbutter - definitely a different fate for him!

noswimmers said...

Okay...I don't want to add fuel to the fire (well...uh...maybe I do)...but if she happens to do the headbutting thing again and you just happen to have a video camera running, it would be pretty damned funny. Maybe you can teach her to crush beer cans on her head?

I'm thinking commercial possibilities here! :)